The tips to help your CPU not "angry" when overworked anymore


CPU is seen as the heart of a computer so if that heart is overworked, it will cause a hot condition and if not properly cooled down, our CPU will be damaged. Here I would like to guide you how to properly dissipate CPU heat.

1. How to check the temperature of the CPU

1.1 You can check CPU heat by feeling by hand, by touching the bottom of the machine if you feel too hot, your CPU is overloaded.

1.2 You can download more Coretemp application to check more accurately. Application will measure temperature and display temperature information of each core (core). If the CPU temperature is between 44 and 61 is safe, it also displays the computer's power consumption.


2. The harm if your CPU overheats

When your CPU overheats, it will affect the ability to work, reduce the ability of CPU to process data, overheating in a long time also seriously affects the motherboard. And you can spend a lot of money to repair both the CPU and motherboard.

3. Approximately how much the CPU temperature will damage the motherboard

Different machines are capable of handling different temperatures. For example, a liquid-cooled desktop computer can absorb more heat than a laptop that relies solely on a cooling fan.In all situations the computer's CPU temperature should not exceed 61 degrees. For a long period of time, the ideal working temperature of the machine in any heavy duty should be about 50 degrees. But when you are playing games the CPU temperature can go up to 80 degrees, some machines even go to around 100 degrees. The advice for those who use the machine to play games should be equipped with a separate heat sink for the machine.

4. How to fix CPU overheating error 

4.1 Clean the radiator is turned off and remove dust inside the machine

One thing we always know, the dust inside the machine can overheat and decrease performance. I cleaned my laptop after a long time and boot time has decreased significantly, and its overall smoothness has improved. Therefore, you may consider regularly cleaning the radiator and other internal components to remove any residue that could clog the internal airflow.


4.2. Maintain airflow around CPU

This is another essential method to keep your machine cool and prevent the CPU from overheating. Make sure the airflow around and inside the machine is not obstructed while you are using it. For example, placing your laptop on the mattress will block the air flow at the bottom. Here, you need to check if the cooling fan inside your machine is working properly or not. If you have an older PC, then you might consider installing a cooling fan underneath it. You should also make sure that the environment you work in is a cool one, as it will be good for both you and your computer.


4.3. Choose the correct Case (computer case)

This is related to the above point and is an important step if you are using a desktop computer. The case you choose for the machine should have good aerodynamic airflow so that the heat from the hardware components can be easily spread around.


4.4. Use the low energy function (Batery saver)

If you are only dealing with routine tasks, then you should set your laptop performance to low or medium level. This will give your CPU a break. Go to your laptop's battery settings and choose an average energy savings level if you don't really need to save battery power.


4.5. Check for and remove malicious apps

Malicious applications may be running in the background, they force your CPU to work even with them turned off, make sure you need these apps, otherwise delete them.


Above are ways to help check and fix CPU overheating, wish you can preserve your laptop, and please like, share support for the following articles.

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