Lexus LM - luxury minivan costs 215,000 USD

CHINA: It's a minivan, but the LM only has four seats, with a partition between the cockpit and the rear seats and plenty of premium amenities.

The Lexus LM is a vehicle intended for private chauffeur owners. On the frosted glass partition is a 26-inch screen for entertainment needs. Between the two separate first-class cabin-style seats on the plane is a dashboard that allows passengers to customize a variety of features.

The seats can be reclined, cooled and premium leather. There's even a small fridge to fit two bottles of champagne.

Lexus LM 300h - luxury minivan currently on sale in China.

Lexus debuted LM at Shanghai 2019 and sold this year. The vehicle is based on the third generation Toyota Alphard platform. Sliding passenger doors, angled headlights with LED strip in L-Finesse language. LM is only available for the Chinese market and some Southeast Asian countries.

Lexus LM - luxury minivan fighting Mercedes V-class
Lexus LM 300h - Luxury MPV price from 175,000 USD 45

7-seater version with leather interior, separate seats in the second row and instant seats in the third row, starting from $ 171,000. Meanwhile, the 4-seater version is more advanced, and the price starts from 215,000 USD.

The most advanced four-seat version, with a partition between the cockpit and the rear seats.

In China, the LM 350 uses a 3.5-liter V6 engine, while the LM 300h is a hybrid version in which the petrol engine is a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder with 161 horsepower capacity. CVT gearbox and 4-wheel drive system.

In the Philippines, LM version 7 seats from 112,000 USD, 4 seats from 188,000 USD. Currently the car has not been released due to the impact of the Covid-19 translation, but the company has received about 300 orders, of which 200 are for the 7-seater version, and 100 of the orders for the version with fewer seats. Customers will have to wait 6-12 months to receive the car.

The back seat can be reclined, with footrest, 24 inch screen for entertainment needs.

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